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In August 2020, AFCI announced the transition of our traditionally in-person event, Creativation to a virtual experience in 2021. As event details continue to develop, we will answer your questions to the best of our abilities. Below is a selection of frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming event.

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Is Creativation 2021 canceled?

No, Creativation 2021 is not canceled. While we do not see a way to safely and responsibly come together in person for an event in the first quarter of 2021 due to health and safety regulations, Creativation will be transformed into a virtual event in 2021: Creativation+.

AFCI staff and leadership are working to design this new virtual experience to capture the spirit of Creativation and the business needs of the creative industries.


What is Creativation+?

Creativation+, featuring Art Materials World is the transformation of the traditionally held in-person Creativation and Art Materials World tradeshows into one virtual experience that brings together members of the creative industries to learn, network, do business, explore new products and find inspiration. AFCI and Namta are excited to present a new experience to their members and creative communities that will bring together an expanded, international audience; provide new opportunities to connect with peers and business partners; introduce innovations and new products that will leave attendees excited and inspired; and celebrate the creative industries in an unprecedented way.


Why is AFCI co-locating with Namta?

AFCI staff and leadership promised to think bigger, design more boldly and go beyond. This partnership and the opportunities it brings to the members of our creative communities are significant. Here are just four of the top ways this new partnership and dates benefit the AFCI community:

1. More products for our retailers to browse and buy for their stores
2. Expanded exposure for exhibitors over a longer runway
3. More potential partnership opportunities between designers, digital content creators, suppliers and store owners
4. Additional educational and networking opportunities


Does the "+" have any specific significance?

To advocate for and support the creative community through today’s challenges, AFCI has taken time to think bigger, design more boldly and change our approaches with inclusion and impact in mind. Creativation+ is the result of that bold thinking to ‘go beyond.’

The “+” is a simple but powerful message of going beyond – of being more inclusive and supportive of our diverse makers, energetic entrepreneurs and powerful influencers; of reaching more people and businesses on a more global scale; of building upon the success of past conferences to provide increased educational and networking value; and of recognizing that change is not just through one conference but across a wider network of year-round activities that AFCI is proud to be taking on for the betterment of our community.

We recognize that there is much opportunity for further change and to go beyond where we’ve been before. We’ll be sharing more updates about Creativation+ over the next few months and how we are planning this virtual experience to go beyond your expectations for a truly unique, creative and inclusive experience.


When will Creativation+ take place?

With the AFCI and Namta partnership, the dates of Creativation+ have shifted to ensure the best virtual event possible. Creativation+ will now take place March 15-19, 2021.


What platform will Creativation+ be hosted on? Will there be training on how to use this platform?

The hosting platform for Creativation+ will be Swapcard. AFCI wants to ensure a smooth, valuable and inspiring event for each attendee and exhibitor. Leading up to the virtual event, we will provide demos, instructions and best practices for how to use the platform and get the most out of your Creativation+ experience. Make sure you are receiving AFCI email communications and following us on social media for these updates.


What is the cost to attend Creativation+ as an attendee?

The pricing structure for attendees is as follows:

AFCI or Nampta Members: Early Bird Before February 12 ($99) and Regular Rate After February 12 ($199) *Please see the question "What is the AFCI membership and Creativation+ bundle?" question below.
Non-members: Early Bird Before February 12 ($499) and Regular Rate After February 12 ($599)
Enterprise (Groups of 10 or more): $999


What is included in the Creativation+ registration fee?

The registration fee includes access to the Creativation+ virtual trade show floor, access to scheduled education sessions, and continued access to Creativation+ content following the conclusion of the event.


What if I would like to cancel and get a refund for my Creativation+ registration?

No refunds will be granted. To transfer your registration to another member of your organization, put your request in writing by emailing


Does the Creativation+ registration fee include 2021 AFCI membership?

No, registration fees are seperate from membership fees. Renewing your membership will ensure that you are charged the lower Creativation+ registration fee.


Will the product demos and business seminars at Creativation+ be recorded? How can I access them?

Most educational sessions at Creativation+ will be recorded and available to registered attendees throughout and post Creativation+. Some recordings will be available year round to AFCI members as a membership benefit.


What is the AFCI membership and Creativation+ bundle?

AFCI members (2021) can attend Creativation+ at a discounted rate. Current 2020 AFCI members must renew for 2021 in order to receive the discounted rate. If a non-member is interested in attending Creativation+, AFCI encourages them to join the association before registering for Creativation+ to receive the member rate. An AFCI 2021 membership plus the discounted Creativation+ registration rate is more cost effective than a non-member Creativation+ registration.


During the Town Hall meeting that was conducted on August 27 and when the announcement was made that Creativation 2021 was going to be transformed to a virtual event, there was a comment that both members and non-members would be encouraged to attend the virtual event. If non-members are going to attend, what is the incentive for me to renew my memberships?

We believe that a virtual event will be even more exciting with more attendees; it will be a more comprehensive event for exhibitors and attendees.

As a result of being a member of AFCI, the cost of attending the virtual event will be lower than it is for non-members. See the questions “What is the cost to attend Creativation+ as an attendee?” and “What is the AFCI membership and Creativation+ bundle?” above. Members will also have access to specific recorded conference content year round.

The association also offers a number of benefits only available to members. They are all designed to bring value to your membership and reduce your operating costs for your business.


What will the cost be to be an exhibitor at Creativation+?

Learn more about exhibiting at Creativation+ here.


I have already signed up to exhibit at Creativation 2021. What happens to my deposit?

Contracted exhibitors should have received an email that included their options for exhibiting in 2021 at Creativation+. Please contact for more information or to schedule a meeting to review.


What if I would like to cancel and get a refund?

Individual emails were sent out to currently contracted exhibitors on August 27, 2020 that reviewed your options regarding your Creativation 2021 contract. Please contact for a copy of that email or to schedule a meeting to review.


What AFCI live events do you anticipate in 2021, if any? If a live event is conducted, where and when will it occur?

AFCI is currently exploring options for conducting an in-person event but is not prepared to make an announcement at this time. We do not see a way to safely convene an in-person event that brings thousands of people together in one location in the first quarter of 2021. There may perhaps be other opportunities later in the year, but our primary focus at this time is hosting a successful and inspiring virtual event.


When will registration open for Creativation+?

Registration for Creativation+ is open now! Register here.


What about 2022?

The AFCI and Namta partnership is bigger than one year! We're thrilled to share that AFCI and Namta will be extending this partnership into 2022 for an in-person event on April 10-12 in Orlando, Florida. That's right, once it's safe to gather in-person, you'll have access to everything you love about Creativation and Art Materials World, all under one roof.


Does either the 2021 or 2022 event conflict with observed holidays?

Creativation+ 2021 does not conflict with Easter (April 4) or Passover (March 27 - April 4). The 2022 event does not overlap Easter (April 17) or Passover (April 15 - 22) but it does overlap with Palm Sunday.


Who can I contact with additional questions?

The AFCI staff is here to answer your questions. Please contact us at with your general Creativation+ questions and with your registration questions.