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Digital Marketing: Essential Strategies for a Noisy World

Digital Marketing: Essential Strategies for a Noisy World

Monday, March 15 | 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM CT

Business Insights

Georganne Bender and Rich Kizer, Co-Speakers, KiZER & BENDER Speaking!

Have you had it with all the DO IT NOW! ACT NOW! Marketing talk from so-called gurus who love to take your money, but leave you with a bunch of unanswered questions? Then this seminar is for you! Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender will take you through each of the steps necessary to build a digital marketing strategy that gets results. You’ll learn: Retail trends that will change how you do business now and in the future; How to Position your store to create Top of the Mind Awareness; What your Website needs to do to attract and engage customers; How to create Email Campaigns that get results; How to use Content Marketing to grow sales; What you can do right now to Control Your On-Line Reputation; Plus, what to say to Encourage Customer Conversation, how much time you should invest each day on marketing, the latest tools available to help evaluate your on-line effectiveness, and more. This isn't a” Let’s talk” strategy session. You will come away with strategies, tactics, tips and techniques to take your digital marketing to the next level!

Difficulty Level: All Levels Welcome

Audiences: Chain Retailers, Independent Retailers

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