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INSTA-AMAZING! Level Up All Your Instagram Content

INSTA-AMAZING! Level Up All Your Instagram Content

Thursday, March 18 | 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM CT

Gale Zucker, Owner, Gale Zucker Photography

Instagram is an amazingly powerful social media for everyone in the creative industries. It's all about the visuals ! With the right content, Instagram is a great way to grow a brand, create community around a business and convert viewers to customers. In this seminar professional photographer Gale Zucker will explore what kind of content to use in each of the Instagram channels: the feed(grid), Stories, Reels, Live and IGTV. She'll overview the best way to use each, and spoiler alert: you do not need to use them all! Attendees will learn which channels may work best for them and how to plan and create a consistent, beautiful presence that forms a brand narrative. At the heart of the session, attendees will learn tips, tricks and techniques to create effective images that shine online. Gale Zucker will cover planning, photographing, lighting, accessory gear and camera angles. This presentation is for those new to Instagram as well as those who want to level up their skills and learn how to better tell a story through multiple channels.

Difficulty Level: All Levels Welcome

Audiences: Open to All Audience Types

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