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Kapitan Eliza

Eliza Kapitan

Owner, Love Eliza, LLC

Eliza Kapitan is the creative force behind the podcast Craft Hangout, which has climbed its way to #1 on the podcast charts in the Crafts category in Spring 2020. Eliza launched Craft Hangout in March 2018, and although she has 2 co-hosts on air, she handles all of the behind-the-scenes podcast work herself. Eliza DIYs all of the producing, booking, recording, editing, etc. responsibilities. She uses her storytelling abilities and deep empathy with her listener audience to create the best content in Craft Hangout's signature style, combining education, entertainment, learning, and humor. Throughout the podcaster journey, one of the key takeaways she has discovered is that community over competition is key in the craft world, and you can authentically grow your audience by aligning with likeminded creatives.

Sessions at Creativation+

"Macro Craft Trends for 2021 & Beyond" on Friday, March 19