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Ursula Morgan, Kimberly Coffin, Antonis Tzanidakis

Ursula Morgan, Kimberly Coffin, Antonis Tzanidakis

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As a blogger turned CEO, Kimberly Coffin from Sweet Red Poppy has built her entire business online. She started as a stay-at-home mom of 3 little ones under the age of 3, and over time, began creating crafting and sewing content online. Using the power of social media and her blog, she began reviewing patterns, learning photography, and exploring videography. After 2 years, she created a business that now generates over a million dollars annually in revenue, all online. Building an online media business has been a long process but she has learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way. She now runs a full blog, YouTube channel, and online course academy, where empowering women to live a colorful and creative life is her main goal. With over 10 million annual visitors to her social channels, website, and email list, join Kim for insight on how to grow your online presence, create loyalty with customers, and innovate in 2021 to create content outside your comfort zone and grow your business. 

Antonis Tzanidakis is a mixed media artist. He lives in Athens and travels all around the world to teach his unique style and signature techniques. He has been working with Stamperia as teacher and designer since 2018, bringing his bold and original concepts to the range. His style is steampunk: Mechanical Fantasy, Sea World and Sir Vagabond explore a side of creativity that is often left unseen. A perfectionist by nature, he seeks to create the embodiment of his soul.

Sessions at Creativation+

"General Session including AFCI Awards: Innovation Hour" on Wednesday, March 17