Find What Fits You Best

Joining AFCI is easier than ever. Below is more information regarding each type of AFCI membership. Find the one the best suits you and join today via the link below. 


(Memberships starting at $485/year)

Companies whose principal business is supplying craft, hobby and creative merchandise through manufacturing, publishing, distributing or providing services to creative industry companies.


(Memberships starting at $185/year)

Companies whose business is purchasing craft, hobby and creative merchandise for resale to the consumer. This category includes brick and mortar store-front retailers, online, catalog, TV, and media retailers and institutional buyers such as retreats, camps and military base craft centers.


(Memberships starting at $185/year)

An individual or firm that conceives, invents, creates or executes decorative crafts or artistic work for licensing or for sale to members of the creative arts industry.

Professional Maker/DIYer

(Memberships starting at $185/year)

A professional maker/DIYer/crafter with a home-based creative arts industry business that creates finished products or handmade/one-of-a-kind items, gifts or collectibles are produced and sold on consignment, through special orders, at regional craft shows, or via an e-commerce website.


(Memberships starting at $185/year)

An educator/demonstrator for a store, studio, private/public school or other educational institution; conducts classes which use products from the creative arts industry; is directly involved in instructing students in using craft materials, products and supplies as part of their education and does not have any buying authority from their employer.

Digital Content Creator

(Memberships starting at $185/year)

A Digital Content Creator posts original, creative arts products industry related content at least once per week to their blog, YouTube, or other social media platform; or are paid to post content on behalf of a creative arts products industry company. Their content extends beyond newsletters, forums and/or personal diaries. AFCI Digital Content Creators must have a web presence of at least six months and have more than 10,000 page views per month.

Manufacturer Representative

(Memberships starting at $185/year)

An individual sales agent or a sales agent firm that represents and sells products offered by current AFCI supplier and distributor members; is paid by commission by their clients; and calls on wholesale and retail accounts within the creative arts industry; and does not manufacture products or carry inventory of the products they sell or represent.

Emeritus Membership

Recognizes and includes those who have served AFCI and the creative arts industry and are now partially or fully retired, providing an opportunity for continued friendship and service.