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AFCI needs you! This is your chance to help shape the future work of the association to advance the creative industries. AFCI is currently seeking to fill the following committees with at-large members:

  • Awards and Recognition Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Content Committee
  • Membership Engagement
  • Research Committee
  • Technology Committee
  • Creativation Committee

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Benefits of Volunteeering

  • A significant role in advancing the association and industry
  • An opportunity to enhance the value of AFCI for all members
  • Access to up-to-date information about the challenges and opportunities in the industry
  • The chance to exchange ideas and perspectives with other volunteer leaders
  • To be considered for future leadership roles.

AFCI values a diversity of perspectives and seeks leaders from all types and sizes of eligible organizations. Desired attributes for committee members include:

  • Commitment to AFCI’s mission and vision.
  • Passionate about the success of AFCI.
  • An active participant in and contributor to the creative industry community.
  • Has relevant expertise that aligns with the intent of the committee.
  • Positive leadership attributes; emotional intelligence; ability to work collaboratively and engage in appropriate debate and discussion when needed.
  • Ability to think strategically and understand the long term goals of the association and how they relate the work of their respective committee. Entrepreneur spirit.

Learn More About Our Committees

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee's purpose is to provide oversight on the role of technology in executing AFCI’s strategy and supporting AFCI’s global business and operational requirements. AFCI’s technological systems have evolved to provide higher efficiency for members and staff. This committee provides recommendations on how these systems maintain relevance.

Creativation Committee

The purpose of AFCI’s Creativation Committee is to ensure that Creativation events support AFCI’s vision, mission and strategic goals; it is a professional experience for all attendees; it has high-quality programming, and meets the requirements of the members and community, participating market segments and partner organizations.

Education Committee

The purpose of the Education Committee is to support the execution of AFCI’s strategic goal of year-round education. The committee will ensure that AFCI offers high-quality educational opportunities for all its members and the creative community.  

Membership Engagement Committee

The purpose of the AFCI Membership Engagement Committee is to advance membership retention and growth through the development of strategies that enhance the AFCI membership value proposition.  In addition, this committee promotes AFCI membership through marketing and communications efforts and best practices to increase participation in AFCI through networking, volunteerism and recognition.

Research Advisory Committee

The purpose of this committee will be to brainstorm potential research areas that AFCI can pursue (in line with AFCI objectives and goals), identify potential collaborators, provide expert feedback on current research projects, support efforts to disseminate research findings and assist with evaluating requests for AFCI support for external research projects.

Content Committee

The purpose of the Editorial Content Committee is to help support the execution of AFCI’s strategic goal to increase the volume of quality content through a variety of channels. The Committee will ensure that AFCI is providing content that is of interest and impact to different membership types and promotes the value of the organization.

Awards and Recognition

The purpose of the Awards and Recognition Committee is to coordinate all phases of activity related to selecting recipients of awards and external recognition. The committee provides guidance on facilitating the nomination process and identifies potential external awards and recognition for members. AFCI Awards celebrate the significant contributions industry leaders make to the creative industries. The committee’s purpose aligns with this goal by establishing and executing a process by which recognition occurs.

Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee supports the association’s Board of Directors in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility to oversee the association’s financial strategy and performance. The committee will be responsible for engaging an independent certified public accountant to conduct an annual audit of AFCI finances in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. At the conclusion of the audit, the Audit Committee shall review with the independent auditor the audit related findings and then report the findings, together with the audit, to the Board of Directors.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee assists the board with its responsibilities for the organization’s mission, vision and strategic direction. With the introduction of a new strategic plan and planning cycle, this committee will act as stewards of this plan going forward.   

Bylaws and Governance Committee

The Committee shall assist the Board of Directors on governance matters related to the effectiveness and efficiency of AFCI. Such matters shall include, but are not limited to, the recommendation and review of proposed amendments to AFCI’s governing documents (i.e., bylaws) to assure clarity, consistency, and legal compliance; and providing guidance on governance structure.