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How to Master Online Presentations for Sales, Workshops and Events

Audience: All Members
Category: Social Saavy
Speaker: Brenden Kumarasamy, Founder of YouTube Talk, MasterTalk

Overnight, the world has turned almost completely virtual, moving from in-person workshops to Zoom calls and presentations. How can we thrive in this new presentation setting?

Brenden Kumarasamy, founder of YouTube channel MasterTalk, will be leading a workshop to help attendees navigate the online world through his expertise in online communication.

This webinar will cover:
  • Easy-to-use communication tips that can be practiced on a daily basis to master any online presentation
  • A mindshift from viewing public speaking as "nerve-wracking and scary" to "inspiring and a way to make an impact online"
  • An introduction to how elite presenters think and adapt to changing presentation environments, such as presenting online workshops


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Intro to E-Commerce with Jennifer Reis

Audience: Professional Makers/DIYs, Designers
Category: Business Insights
Speaker: Jennifer Reis, Artist/Entrepreneur/Professor of Make Do: Creative Entrepreneurship Consulting

If you're not already diversifying your creative venture through e-commerce, now is the time! This webinar will explore digital marketplaces, like Etsy, walking you through the basics of what you need to get your online shop up and running to survive now and thrive in the future.

You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of:
  • The necessary assets for E-Commerce
  • Best practices and policies for the virtual marketplace
  • The importance and utilization of digital marketing with E-Commerce


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AFCI Town Hall & Member Discussion: The Impact of Virtual

Audience: All Members
Category: State of AFCI

In this AFCI town hall, Executive Director Peter Finn will provide updates, including what’s in store for Creativation 2021. After hearing Association updates, you will have the opportunity to participate in an open forum discussion about the impact of shifting to virtual within your business. Though new territory for many, virtual experiences can increase your brand loyalty, bring in new customers, and diversify your revenue.

Join the discussion to hear from others and share your own ideas around engaging your customers online, connecting with suppliers and partners, eCommerce integration, rolling out new products, and teaching or participating in online classes and product demos.


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Building Your Brand’s Crisis Communication Plan

Audience: All Members
Category: Business Insights
Speakers: Ciara Benko, Vice President at Praytell

As entrepreneurs and business-minded people, we are never simply communicating in a vacuum. Our messages, when we say them, and who we share them with all reflected in our brand. Whether it is looking inward, and respectfully responding to an employee, evaluating the partnerships you have, or feeling compelled to respond to a crisis to your external customers, the ways in which you communicate need to align with the forward direction of your brand, regardless of your operation’s size.

Join Ciara Benko from Praytell PR Agency as she provides a blue print to help you build a crisis communication plan through case studies and Q&A. Topics include:
  • Proactively evaluating your risks and determining what you can control
  • Preparing your action plan for if (and when) your risk becomes a reality
  • Knowing when and when not to take action, and which channels to use in communicating your message


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AFCI Member Open Forum

Audience: All Members
Category: Business Insights

Join AFCI members in an AFCI Membership Open Forum on June 24. During this virtual interactive meeting, you will have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A and connect with peers within breakout-style discussions on current issues you are facing and how AFCI can continue to support our members.


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Your Store is Open, Now What?

Audience: Retailers
Category: Business Insights
Speakers: Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender, Kizer and Bender Speaking! LLC

Welcome to the "Now Normal" where it's far from business as usual and the rules change daily. In the Now Normal, it's no longer business as usual; in addition to the day to day running of their stores, retailers must follow stringent guidelines to keep associates and customers safe. During this webinar, Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender will share what’s happening at retail right now and ideas for giving customers the confidence and flexibility to shop with you.

We'll also cover why Buy Online & Pick Up in Store (BOPIS), Buy Online & Pick Up Curbside (BOPUCS), and Facebook Live are here to stay, and you'll learn how to create new product opportunities, tips to engage customers and keep them close, and more. You'll walk away with what it takes to serve your customers safely in new and different ways.


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Quality Over Quantity: Secrets to a Profitable Instagram Account with Fewer than 10,000 Followers

Audience: Digital Content Creators
Category: Social Savvy
Speaker: Tyler McCall

All you need for your business or brand to be successful on Instagram is a K behind your follower count, right? Not anymore! If you spend all of your time and energy obsessing over your follower count, you'll miss out on the opportunity to connect with the followers you have right now.

During this webinar, you'll learn how to create high-quality content, leverage Instagram stories, and generate more direct messages to turn your Instagram account into a reliable and predictable sales machine — whether you have 100, 1,000, or 100,000 followers.


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The Savvy Creativepreneur: Next Level Strategies for Owning Your Brand Assets + Protecting Your Biz To Make Your Profits Pop

Speaker: Davon D. E. Hatchett, Esq., Attorney & Creative Counselor at Law

Now’s the time to look across your business and ensure your ideas are protected and leveraged effectively to sustain and grow. This webinar will give you, the creativepreneur, legal and business strategies, tools, and tips for effectively building a bankable brand and transforming your ideas and intellectual property into expanded revenue streams.


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AFCI Town Hall

Audience:All Audiences

Join Peter Finn, Executive Director of AFCI, and Jason Baum, Director of Membership and Operations for AFCI, for an AFCI Town Hall. During this virtual interactive meeting, you will have the opportunity to learn what AFCI is doing to extend value to you during this unprecedented time, participate in a Q&A, and connect with peers in breakout-style discussions on current issues you are facing and how AFCI can continue to support our members during this time.


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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Creative Industries

Audience:All Audiences
Category: Business Insights

Seth Apter, Instructor and Designer
Stan Clifford, President, DecoArt, Inc.
Heidi Crowl, Owner, Simon Says Stamp!
Carolina Moore, Owner, C. Moore Media, Inc.

Jim Scatena, AFCI Board of Directors

We are experiencing an unprecedented shift in how we do business. In this industry panel made up of executives and thought leaders in the creative industries, hear how individuals across AFCI’s member segments are coping with and adapting to our current environment. The panelists will share ideas on how to connect with customers when you are physically unable, the importance of eCommerce now and in the future, what we can learn from past recessions, and more.


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Amplifying Useful and Relevant Content To Thrive During Challenging Times

Category: Business Insights
Speaker: Traci Reuter, Founder/CEO of Divine Social

Learn how to share useful and relevant content with your customers and potential customers.Connecting with your audience in a new and creative way is important for any business during normal times. During challenging times, it becomes crucial. The creative industries are ideal for utilizing digital and social media platforms, and with the majority of your customers now staying home, there are more individuals on social media more than ever before. It’s time to create a proactive plan to help your business be a value to the community and position yourself to come out of these times stronger than when you went in.


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Store Design & Visual Merchandising: What You Need to Know to Set Your Sales Floor to Sell! ft. Kizer & Bender Speaking!

Audience: Retailers
Category: Creative Innovation
Speakers: Georganne Bender & Rich Kizer

One of the most challenging aspects of retailing is choosing the layout that’s right for your store’s unique configuration. Another is to create eye-appealing displays that pull customers’ in and convince them to buy. Join professional store planners Georganne Bender Rich Kizer and learn what it takes to set your sales floor to sell. You’ll learn how to choose the best layout; how to create interactive displays; visual merchandising techniques that move product; where to place and merchandise your cashwrap; how to properly sign displays; how to utilize speed bump displays, power walls, merchandise outposts and cross-merchandising; how to encourage impulse purchases; and more to increase sales.


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How to Collaborate with Brands

Audience: Digital Content Creators
Category: Business Insights

Collaborating with your favorite brands can be a win-win. You get to work with products you love and the brand gets authentic access to your audience. But how do you get started? In this webinar you’ll hear from three influencers who’ve built brand collaborations into their craft businesses. Combined they’ve worked with Cricut, Art Gallery Fabrics, Aurifil, Brother, West Elm, Method and many more.

In this panel discussion you’ll learn how to:

Reach out to brands you love to start the conversation
Understand what your worth including when it makes sense to work for free product and when you should get paid for your efforts
Stay true to your authentic voice while doing a sponsored post or video
Communicate clearly throughout the process so that expectations are clear on both sides
Deliver outcomes brands want so you can pitch again

This webinar was presented by Craft Industry Alliance and the Association for Creative Industries.


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Pulling the First Lever - Lead Generation and Getting In the Door

Audience: Manufacturers and Suppliers
Category: Business Insights
Speaker: Joe Rotella, Founder/Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Create N Craft, LLC/ Delphia Consulting

Founder/Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Create N Craft, LLC/ Delphia Consulting, Joe Rotella, walks you, the manufacturer, through how to control and grow your business! Stemming from the article "5 Levers to Control and Grow Your Business," Joe will teach commerce principles and how they apply to the creative industry. Specifically, Joe will go through the ins and outs of the first lever: Lead Generation. Whether you are a manufacturer with a large employee size, or a one-person shop with a fixed number of color palettes, you have challenges when it comes to lead generation. This webinar will provide an effective model for understanding how a buyer wants to buy and puts your businesses along that path.

Joe breaks down this webinar into three parts:

Defining the lead generation "lever" and it's importance to your business
Walking through about the obstacles that companies face when trying to gain new leads
Discussing some solutions to jump start your lead initiative efforts or to help make sure their lead pipeline doesn’t run dry

Founder/Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Create N Craft, LLC/Delphia Consulting, Joe Rotella, walks you, the manufacturer, through how to control and grow your business.


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