Digital Content Creator Membership

A Digital Content Creator posts original, creative arts products industry related content at least once per week to their blog, YouTube, or other social media platform; or are paid to post content on behalf of a creative arts products industry company. Their content extends beyond newsletters, forums and/or personal diaries. AFCI Digital Content Creators must have a web presence of at least six months and have more than 10,000 page views per month.

AFCI Digital Content Creator memberships start at $185/year


Who Are AFCI Digital Content Creators? 

The Digital Content Creator Section was started in 2018 at the request of the bloggers, YouTubers, social media professionals, and other creatives who have a digital focus to their business. The DCC section of AFCI is designed with the unique needs of these content creators in mind. With the constant changes to social media algorithms, the addition of new platforms, and need to be ahead of the curve for their own businesses and when working with brands, the DCC section looks to be at the intersection of digital presence and creativity.

In addition to collaborating with other DCC members, most Digital Content Creators collaborate with others in AFCI. Manufacturers regularly look to the DCC membership when selecting brand ambassadors or spokespeople for their new product releases. The membership has a wide variety of skills which include copywriting, social media, blogging, video (including planning, filming, and editing), photography, calligraphy and hand lettering, design, sales, and marketing. Reach out to our leadership to learn how a Digital Content Creator can support your team in achieving your digital goals.

For members who attend Creativation, you may be familiar with many of our members already, as the DCC creates an educational block at Creativation that is open to all members. Digital Content Creator members have led classes on making the most of Creativation, networking, filming video, SEO, authoring a book, managing your email list, and more.


Why Become a Digital Content Creator member? 


Access to Inspired

Your one-stop-shop for content written by your peers and industry experts on trends and topics that are most impactful to you. Read impactful articles or write for Inspired, and place your brand in front of our daily readers.


Year-round Education

AFCI re-instated year-round education offerings, starting with webinars! Register for an upcoming webinar today, and don't forget to check out Inspired Talks, the official podcast for the creative industries.


Access to our enhanced Member Directory 

Our revamped Member Directory allows you to find members in your area, member category, or across the pond for you to engage in conversation, discuss challenges, and exchange ideas that can help your business succeed.


Access to the AFCI Buyer's Guide

The AFCI Buyer's Guide is the resource our buyer members seek out to find companies they can partner with. Placing your services here positions you in front of motivated buyers in the industry.


Meaningful Savings

AFCI helps you do business in a cost effective way. With discounts available with Staples, UPS, Constant Contact, and an exclusive Craftalytics saving offer only available to members, it pays be an AFCI member.


Get Involved!

To get involved with the Digital Content Creators Committee, please reach out ot or contact any DCC section member. 

      Angie Holden - Committee Chair                                                                                                  Jessica Hill - Secretary
         The Country Chic Cottage                                                                                                                 Mad In Crafts


                           Tisa Jackson                                                                                                                                            Beth Kingston
                            This is Tisa                                                                                                                                   The Kingston Home


                                Cindy deRosier                                                                                                            Lindsay Ponta                                     
   My Creative Life                                                                                                            Shrimp Salad Circus

   Jessie Rayot
     Jessie at Home